The British Columbia Arts Council Helps Thousands of Artists Across the Region

The British Columbia Arts Council (BCAC) is an important part of British Columbia. However, it is safe to say that it does not get the recognition that it deserves. Below you can find out a bit more about this organization.

Some Background Information about the BCAC

The BCAC first came into being in 1995 and it was created as a means to nurture and support cultural and arts activity in local communities across British Colombia. This includes community arts in urban and rural centers to performing arts companies, individual artists, art galleries, music festivals and museums.

Local artists and cultural leaders are driving force of British Columbia’s creative ecology. It is fair to say that they are a precious resource that help to create vibrant communities and artistic activities throughout the region. Therefore, they should be helped, and this is exactly what the BCAC tries to do.


Different Grant Programs

The BCAC fully understand that there are some extremely talented artists and art organizations out there, but they are struggling to make a name for themselves due to the fact that they do not have the finances required.

Therefore, the BCAC offer regular grants to try and give such people the opportunity that their talents deserve. For example, if someone is extremely talented when it comes to any type of art, but they cannot afford the fees to go on to study it at a higher level, the BCAC will grant them a scholarship to ensure that their talent does not go to waste. Or, if an art company has a talented group of artists who want to go and perform abroad, but they cannot afford the travel and accommodation costs, then the BCAC will foot the bill to ensure that the group can go and showcase their talent in another country. They do not want talented artists missing out on the chance of a lifetime just because they do not have money.

Since their conception 25 years ago, they have dished out a staggering $25 million in scholarships and grants to organizations and individuals in 226 communities across the region. They are definitely doing their bit to ensure that the art scene blossoms in British Columbia and that all British Columbians, no matter what their financial or domestic background is. The only thing that they are concerned about is artistic talent.


They Have Had Their Own Challenges

There are different art councils spread out throughout British Colombia to ensure that citizens do not need to travel long distance should they need to go and visit BCAC.

However, three years ago, on March 30th, the Nanaimo Arts Council was burnt to the ground. They had insurance to cover the loss of the property inside, but they did not have insurance for the property itself. To this day, they still do not know the exact cause of the fire.

This council serves hundreds of artists and is in charge of the administrative duties for programs such as the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, the Festival of Banners, the Islands Short Fiction Contests, and Art Around Town.

In order to raise money so that they could rebuild themselves, the organization held an exhibition at the local museum. The exhibition was to run for four weeks and there was a donation box where the locals could donate some money to help with the rebuild at a different location.


The response was overwhelming and come the end of the four weeks they had managed to raise more than $100,000. This was more than enough for the organization to put down a deposit on their next property.

This help from the locals just goes to show how together the communities are across British Colombia. Whenever a problem arises that affects one group, the others will all pull together to ensure that they get the help and support that is needed.

Follow Them on Social Media

Everyone is on social media nowadays and the BCAC are no exception to this rule. They have a Facebook account and a Twitter account that they update regularly, so if you want to stay up to date with all that is happening then you should follow them. Their aim is to create a big community that is interested in developing and supporting the cultural arts scene in British Colombia.