Riding Dirt Bikes with Your Kids: Preparation

Riding Dirt Bikes with Your Kids: Preparation
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Going to ride dirt bikes with your kids? A bright idea, as riding a bike is far healthier than sitting in front of a computer playing violent games or communicating with friends via Facebook. It also facilitates competition among children and teaches them personal responsibility for their actions. However, riding is a high-speed sport, and that means that you (with your kids) should pay particular attention to dirt bike selection, preparation and safety issues. It will help prevent injuries and other unpleasant surprises when riding.


Dirt Bike Preparation

Your two-wheeler is called dirt bike, but that doesn’t mean you should keep it dirty. Keep your bike clean to make all mechanisms the last longer and save on maintenance. Here are other things you should do as far as dirt bike preparation is concerned:

  • Change oil once in 10 hours of the ride or so.

The risk of breakdown increases if your bike runs out of oil.

  • Replace oil filters half as frequently as you change the oil.
  • Clean or change air filter.

Do it every 5 hours of the ride to ensure that your bike gets air rather than sucking dust.

  • Clean and tighten the chain to prevent it from falling off.
  • Change tires if necessary and pump them up.

An optimal pressure lies between 10 and 12 psi depending on the type of surface.

  • Check the fluid lines.

Make sure that the fluid lines (such as for gas, coolant, and brake fluid) are unbroken and have no cracks. Add fluids if necessary.

  • Check the brake pads.

Replace them if they are worn out. There is nothing worse than suddenly realizing that your brakes are not effective enough, let alone don’t function at all.

  • Fill the tank.

That’s pretty obvious but incredibly important, isn’t it? Your bike will be useless with an empty tank.

Getting Yourself and the Kids Prepareddirt

  • Provide every rider with a helmet.

No matter how much experience in riding your kids have, having a sturdy helmet on a head is a must.

  • Make sure that all the clothing isn’t loose.

Ill-fitting clothing may get into moving parts of the bike.

  • Don’t let your kids use bikes which are not the right size for them.

Training wheels may be necessary for little kids.

  • Avoid terrains that are unknown to you.

Places with standing water, steep hills, or a lot of mud pose risks for any rider.

Riding dirt bikes is an excellent form of entertainment that allows you and your kids to become closer and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Like any other equipment, dirt bikes require regular maintenance to function smoothly and safely. It’s also important to use them for the purpose intended and avoid riding on highways and streets. Dirt bikes may lack lighting, other features, and not be adapted to it.