Protect Your Hearing During The Hunting Season with Earmuffs

Protect Your Hearing During The Hunting Season with Earmuffs
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It’s the hunting season again but don’t forget to think about your ears before going after the prey. Use proper ear equipment and protect your ears to avoid hearing loss while enjoying this fun sport.

Ear Protection for Hunting & Shooting: What are your options?

One look at at the earplug experts site earplugsguide.com and you’ll know that when it comes to shooting and hunting, you can choose between in-ear earplugs, passive ear muffs, and active earmuffs. The in-ear earplugs work just like every other earplug – blocking the ear canal and therefore stopping noise to enter your ears.

There’s one exception to above, however. There are also speciality electronic earplugs available. Although they’re costly, they’re far more sophisticated and allow active sound reduction.

earmuffs-for-shootingUnlike traditional in-ear earplugs, earmuffs come in two different types – based on the way they work. You will find passive earmuffs that work pretty much like traditional earplugs.

On the other hand, active earmuffs cancel by employing active sound protection (like the aforementioned electronic earplugs). These earmuffs are usually combined with a headset. As a result, the user is able to listen to ambient sounds. By adjusting the headset dynamic compression, the user can easily listen to sounds at ordinary volume. The sound compression technology works in a way that it cancels louder noises so your ears are always protected.

Although active muffs are relatively costly, they are great for protecting ears against the high pitch gun sound. Electronic active muffs are powered by a battery and they come with a microphone and an amplifier. These tools built into your active earmuffs allow you to determine the distance and direction of the sound while hunting, thus allowing you to hunt with a higher success rate.

The best way to protect your ears during hunting and shooting is to combine both the technologies and use earmuffs and earplugs together. This way, you will be able to cancel more noise, therefore, protecting your ears even against the loudest sounds.

What could happen if you don’t use ear protection?

The answer to this question is simple. You will eventually become deaf.

Some people use ear protection but they don’t choose the right one. As a result, their ears are not protected and they can suffer from a gradual hearing loss. Gun sound can also cause ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus.

The gun sound is incredibly loud. Some hunting guns can produce noise above 150dB, which is very loud for human ears. Since this noise is sharp and loud, it can damage ears instantly if proper hearing protection isn’t used. In fact, recent research has proved that being exposed to single gunshot without proper hearing equipment is like exposing your ears to 40 years of industrial noise.

Imagine how bad this exposure could be for your ears.

The final word

Hearing is crucial for performing everyday tasks smoothly. Imagine what would be your life if you are unable to listen to low pitch sounds. Everyone will have to shout at you or you will need to use hearing aid equipment at all the times.

In order to avoid a situation like that, protection is your only option. Buy quality hearing protection gear before you start shooting with a gun. Your ears will be safe.

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