Packing for Vacations: 4 Essential Family Travel Tips

Packing for Vacations: 4 Essential Family Travel Tips
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When packing for a vacation with your entire family, a couple of useful family travel tips can make a great difference to your journey. Unlike a business travel which you can pack for in almost no time, a family vacation requires a more meticulous preparation. By following proper packing essentials one can make the trip easier, more enjoyable and comfier while neglecting some basic rules can complicate even a rather simple voyage.


  • Make a packing list.
    Before loading your family stuff into the travel bags and suitcases, make sure you have a checklist to mark the items so you’re sure you haven’t forgotten anything. The list will also help you make a general overview of all the things you want to take with, and, possibly, sort out the ones you don’t really need.

If you’re the head of the family who’s organizing the trip, asking each of your family members to complete a personal packing list so you could check them before you actually start packing is one of the best family travel tips. In this way, you’ll make sure there’s enough place in the trunk if you’re traveling by car or that you won’t have to pay overload fees if you’re traveling by plane.tag

  • Have an individual bag for each family member.

If you want to get organized for your family vacation trip better, having an individual bag for each of your family members could be a great idea as well. This will ensure you keep your luggage in order and find whatever you need faster. However, you should also be careful with such a packing approach and chose the proper size bags to avoid bulky items that are half-empty inside.

If you’re traveling with kids, make sure you have the kids’ necessities like foods and changing outfits handy. Having a bag with large zipper food storage bags as well as some plastic bags of different sizes for dirty clothing is one of the family travel tips that can make your vacation travel with kids painless and trouble-free.

  • Make itinerary stickers.

No matter how you travel and where you stay during your family trip, make sure each of your bags can provide your home address and a contact number in case you lose it in an airport or forget it in a hotel. The more information those who’ll find it can obtain from the stickers, the higher chances you’ll get your staff back are. Including your travel dates could be a great idea too.

  • Pack it light.

Even if you’re traveling for longer periods, try to make your luggage light in all possible ways by using some hacks and family travel tips. Those might include:

  1. Getting trial sizes of shampoos, toothpaste, lotions, and body washes.
    In most hotels and campings you’ll get basic toiletries as well as towels and bathrobes.
  2. Packing no more than a week’s worth clothes.
    For such cases, plan a bit of laundry along the way and don’t forget to take garments that are color-compatible with each other.