A Must Have Picnic Items for a Perfect Experience

Know what is the difference between eating at home and being on a picnic? Remember, how often you have to get up from the table to take a fork, a knife, or to replenish your glass just because you have forgotten to do it before sitting down. When you are at home, it’s not much of a problem, but what if you are outdoors? Having nothing to wipe your hands or drinking Coca-Cola hot may easily spoil your impressions from beautiful weather or singing of birds. To prevent a picnic from being disrupted, a list of picnic items should be before your eyes when you are packing up.

coolerPicnic Items You Should Not Forget

Picnic is a meal first of all, and you can’t have a meal without forks, spoons, knives, plates, and cups. Don’t take the best utensils you have. Not only are they heavier, but you may also lose them in forest or park. Consider opting for reusable utensils. These may not be very handy, but are light and cheap. Don’t forget a corkscrew and a small cutting board as well. The latter is indispensable as a firm surface for slicing sausage, cheese, and bread, and may also double as a tray.

Take trash bags to dispose of the trash in a civilized manner. Wet wipes and paper towels are also a must, especially when there is no source of water in the nearby and your stock of fresh water is limited. Plastic bags or containers will come in handy for leftovers.

Take a blanket if you are going to be sitting on the ground. Any blanket will suit, but it’s better to opt for a thick one with a waterproof underside: the ground may be damp. A blanket will also be necessary if you decide to spend a night outdoors.

  • A food cooler.

That’s what you really need in order to ensure that qualities of your food are preserved. Food coolers are special heat-insulated containers that can keep cold for many hours. There are dozens of different models of coolers on the market ranging from basic and traditional to high-end ones built like a tank. Many of them can come in handy fulfilling the function of a bag as well.

There are also other picnic items you may need: insect repellents, cards, sunscreens, camera, etc. However, a decision on taking them or not is more individual and depends on the circumstances of your picnic. What you will need by any weather and regardless of the circumstances is food.

What Kind of Food to Take on a Picnic?


If you get scared by having to take a lot of utensils, take sandwiches or other snacks. Eating those doesn’t require any utensils. If you want your meal to be more diverse follow these recommendations:

  • Avoid foods that spoil quickly, such as mayonnaise.
  • Take pre-made salads.

Cut the salad at home where conditions and cutlery are better.

  • Eat more fruits.

Wash them beforehand. Fruits are good because they don’t soil hands as meat does.

  • Take salt and pepper.

If the company is big, chances are that there will be people with a different taste for salt and pepper in it. Allow everyone to season their food according to their taste.

  • Don’t forget drinks.

Make sure that your picnic basket contains beverages both for kids and adults. Juices and bottled water are musts.

Going on a picnic has a lot of advantages, such as being able to breathe in fresh air or not having to worry about being too noisy. However, in order for your outdoor meal to become a perfect experience, you should approach the preparation with attention to detail.