3 Things You Should Prepare for Your First Adventure Day

3 Things You Should Prepare for Your First Adventure Day
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Your first adventure day is fast approaching? Your heart skips a beat every time you think about it? It finally struck you that you are no longer happy and feel very intimidated about this upcoming quest? Relax and take a deep breath. It’s time to start the preparation for your trip, and with the following tips, the success of your brave endeavor is guaranteed.

Tips to Follow to Have the Best First Adventure Day

  1. bodyGet your body ready.

If your adventure requires a lot of strenuous activities, like hiking/running, biking, and paddling, then train yourself accordingly.

  • Hiking: Keep in mind, you don’t need to run fast; however, hiking will be involved. So get comfortable with trekking at least 6-7 miles at a fast walking pace. Obviously, if you are a good runner, it will give you a guaranteed advantage.
  • Biking: You don’t have to be a high-skilled biker, but you should be able to comfortably ride a mountain bike for 20-25 miles without taking too many breaks.
  • Paddling: Again, nobody expects you to be an expert paddler on your first adventure day. Just try to gain at least some experience to be comfortable in the water and able to handle the work.
  1. Get your mind ready.mind

This part of the preparation is considered very important. For that, try to read as much information on your adventure day as possible. Also, you’ll need to go on a trip with the right mindset. You have to embrace the adventure aspect to have the best experience! Remember, you’ll face lots of challenges, and they will be a part of the undertaking you signed up for. Don’t get frustrated with those obstacles, stay calm and positive, and deal with them.

  1. Get the right skills ready.skill

Such skills as orienteering, map reading, trail biking, bike fixing (in case of a flat tire), paddling, and climbing are not the skills you can develop overnight. It’s a time-consuming, if not lifelong, process. If you are on a team, you can distribute those responsibilities among the members. After all:

  • You won’t need more than one navigator.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable doing some parts of the trail on a bike, you can simply get off your bike and walk that section.
  • When it comes to climbing, in most cases, the rope course equipment is very beginner friendly.
  • Fixing a flat tire and to quickly get your chain back on the chainring cannot be that challenging.

Make Your First Adventure Day Fun

No matter how much time and effort you invested in planning and preparation for the quest, keep in mind that some uncomfortable situations are inevitable. Simply relax and enjoy the adventure to the fullest; don’t forget, your goal for the first adventure day should be just to have fun.